Tuesday 29 April 2014

ColdFusion 11: it should go without saying...

I don't believe ColdFusion 11 is production-ready yet: the beta was too short, and - speaking for myself - I'm still finding bugs every time I decide to try something (not "every time I look for bugs" but "every time I try one of the new features, just to see how it works"). And not inconsequential bugs.

A lot of people in the public beta raised a number of issues with ColdFusion 11, and those people have only just now been exposed to a release which has their bugs dealt with, so they have not had a chance to confirm the fixes yet. I also have it on good (and multiple) authority that the pre-release programme had sub-par participation this time (this is not a reflection on the people on the PR, but the degree of participation they engaged in), so the PR testing will have been not as good as it usually is. So - IMO - it's not been thoroughly tested yet.

Seen in that light, I cannot suggest anyone even considers using it in a production environment yet. By all means download it, mess about with it, and even set up a test environment to test your application on it for backwards compatibility issues.

But I think you'd be a lunatic to actually put it into production: don't become Adobe's testers at possibly your own expense.

Let it get to at least 11.0.1 or probably 11.0.2 first.