Saturday 12 April 2014

ColdFusion 11 is not ready for release in one month's time. Simple.

This is a short adjunct, designed to encourage the Adobe ColdFusion Team to respond to their community. It'd be helpful if you could retweet it.

In my opinion, CF11 is not ready to release for one very good reason:

67 ColdFusion  bugs not even looked at yet? Yer having a fucking laugh, Rakshith.

I wrote a speculative article the other day: "ColdFusion 11 release date confirmed to be no later than...", which intuits that we're about four weeks shy of ColdFusion 11 coming out. I think this is borne out by an increase of bug closures with "can't be arsed... maybe in two years time" (I think it actually said "Closed/EnchancementRequired" or "Closed/NotEnoughTime").

However as far as I can tell, Adobe haven't even bothered to look at a whole bunch of the issues their paying customers have raised with them.

I really don't understand how Adobe can be so dismissive of their clients. I seriously can't see how this is even "minimum professional" behaviour, let alone appropriate behaviour when they're in one of their very rare development cycles.

In contrast, Railo has the "luxury" of being able to do continuous development, so continuous issue triage/resolution, and they very rarely leave an issue untriaged (and even unfixed!).

Adobe choose to only do development on ColdFusion once in a blue moon, so they really have to at least triage all the currently outstanding issues. And, if they were to have any sense of professional integrity, fix the bugs, implement the features, or explain why they don't.

Adobe have done a bunch of good stuff for ColdFusion 11, but they are way more than a month away from delivering a professional product. Part of being professional is listening to one's clients.

I would like Rakshith to respond to this article. And what's up with their bug-fixing...