Thursday 10 October 2013

Express Install for ColdFusion 11

A lot of people have observed ColdFusion could benefit from being quicker to get up and running. I myself have written a coupla articles assessing the situation:
I also raised a ticket with Adobe: 3370889.


... they've done it!

3370889 is marked as "fixed"! Coolio!

Now I'm not on the prerelease program any more so I have no idea what they've actually implemented, but anything at all would be plus for ColdFusion.

I hope they've got an install which is simply this:
  1. download;
  2. unzip;
  3. run.
(like the express options for Railo and OpenBD), but even if it's just a setup which assumes the answers to all the questions it asks (all of which can have sensible defaults inferred), that'd be good too.

I am very much looking forward to a public beta so I can test this stuff and show y'all what they're offering. I'm also hoping they might start showing some of this stuff at conferences... CFCamp and CFSummit are just around the corner, after all.

So that's good news from Adobe, innit?