Wednesday 16 October 2013

CFCamp: Exeunt Omnes

Richard Herbert and I are sitting in the departure lounge of Munich Airport, awaiting our EasyJet flight back to the UK. I have a beer in hand. Predictably.

So the curtain has fallen on CFCamp 2013. About half a dozen of us hung out at Agua Bar last night, keeping the staff away from their homes and loved ones for longer than they felt like, and generally dissecting the conference (all good) and the CFML world in general (mixed review, obviously). And the state of the actual world ("decision pending", on that one). It was a good session.

Then I parted company with the others and stumbled off into the rain trying to find a place to eat some traditional German food one last time. Given it was post 10pm on a Tuesday, about the only option I could find was the service station next to the hotel which did "schnzitzel  in a bread roll" sort of thing. Oh well. It was pretty yummy though (a beer-sodden palate has its benefits).

And now today we're off home.

I've got nothing else to say on the topic except thanks to Mike for putting on a great conference, and thanks to all the speakers who variously showed me a new thing or two, set me straight on things I didn't quite know, verified what I thought I already knew or just added even more stuff to the ever-increasing list of things I now know I don't know enough (or anything ~) about, and really feel I ought to.

Over and above that, to everyone else there:  it was great to catch up with you for a chat & pint if that's what we did, or sorry I didn't do that if we didn't get around to it. And I guess I'll see y'all next year (I'll budget for it this time!), and/or at SotR 2014.

Oh! And a special shout out to Jorge Reyes for putting up with me as a room mate! Dude: you're a star.

I blogged/twttereded as much as I could about the goings on at the conference, and I hope that was useful to both people at the gig, or were at home wishing they were at the gig.

That's it! I'll be reverting the blog to its original "branding" tomorrow, and back to business as usual with my random bullshittery. I've got a bunch of new ideas for more articles, that's for sure.


Oh... Mike... the property manager @ the conference centre has one of your power adapters there. He asked me to tell you.