Friday 4 October 2013

ColdFusion: CLI

Real quick... A bunch of people have lamented the absence of a command-line interface in ColdFusion (Railo has one, apparently: haven't tested it). But no-one seems to have gone beyond moaning about it.

So I've raised a ticket for it: 3646258.

ColdFusion 5 used to have a CLI, and it was jolly handy. I've also been doing stuff with Ruby and PHP recently, and running code from the command prompt is a nice way of running / testing code. And I am daily running Javascript from the console prompt in Chrome... it's just handy. I also think it could help move CFML away from just being a "web language". Well a first step in that direction.

So I think this would be a cool addition to ColdFusion 11. Or even a fix of a regression issue that's been around since CFMX6.0.

Thoughts? If you like the idea, go vote pls.