Sunday 27 October 2013


This is a quick apology to people who take the time to comment here.

One thing I didn't think about when I started this bloody blog is that people will leave comments. This is really cool and I appreciate the efforts people put into it! But I don't always remember to reply straight away, and because I kinda approach replying to things in a LIFO sort of way, sometimes some comments will go unattended for a few months.  Oops.

I do read everything (OK, Bruce... not some of your ones: they're just too long), and I do intend to reply to almost everything. Sometimes I don't reply because someone else replies first, and they say what I would have said so I just move one. Or sometimes a comment doesn't need a reply due to its nature.

But sometimes - even with the best intents - I don't get around to replying straight away, and when that happens the likelihood of me replying diminishes each day, as the email notification in my in box sinks lower and lower, and then once it's moved off the first page, it's completely off my radar.

Also sometimes I feel like sitting on my reply for a while if I need to think about things more before putting pen to paper. Either because I need to consider what my answer is, or... sometimes... my answer needs to be "cooled" a bit before I reply so that some of the vitriol has diminished (there's one like that in my inbox currently). The vitriol is still simmering away, reducing slowly. I'll reply to it tomorrow, I think.

Anyway, I just spent a solid hour wading through the comment backlog, and I followed up about a quarter of the ones that are outstanding. But I've got other shit to do today, so I'm done with that now.

Oh... this also applies to the CFLib inbox too. I will deal with all of those in due course too. One thing with those ones... if you spot an error in a function, sending me the fix is more likely to get quicker action than just telling me it needs fixing. For obvious reasons ;-)

Anyway, cheers all! I really honestly do appreciate the efforts people go to to participate here.

Righto... breakfast...