Saturday 25 May 2013

Ruby via

Cheers to Ray Camden for putting me on to this, but Code School are offering free online training all weekend, thanks to some outfit called New Relic sponsoring it. Yay for Code School & new Relic!

I was planning on doing some summery stuff like going into the forest and getting a decent dose of greenitude and vitamin D, but it's bloody freezing (10degC @ midday, about a week from the start of "summer"!) so I'm staying indoors and am gonna work my way through the Ruby courses they offer. If I find anything interesting - which I presume I will - I'll write it up.

However I had better also dose up on various forms of caffeine first, as I've already sat at this blimin' computer for 4h today, and my attention span is waning.

Wish me luck (not with the Ruby, but with not freezing to death en route to the station for a coffee ;-).