Friday 24 May 2013

Identity change continues

My mission to neutralise my CFML-oriented social media presence continues. As well as the blog name and domain change (which you probably know about / have noticed by now), I've also changed my contact email address (now This has changed as well, however I'm not publicising the new one; you'll need to already know it, or spend 5min finding out), and my Twitter name: dacCfml DAC_dev (Twitter won't allow fullstops in one's account name).

If you've ever wondered where the "dac" part comes from my former Twitter account name (daccf), and now in these new accounts, it's because my first name is actually Donald. So those are my initials: Donald Adam Cameron.  My folks had a disagreement (well more a failure to agree, rather than a disagreement, per-se) over what my first name should be: Dad wanted it to be "Donald" (his name), Mum wanted it to be "Adam". So they compromised, and my first name is Donald, but in casual circles I go mostly by "Adam". In official circles (banks, govt, etc) I remain "Donald". I answer to both. Well: I answer to almost anything people choose to call me: I'm not fussy.

I actually think it's quite cool because I get usage out of both my forenames, and I consider myself both a "Donald" and an "Adam", whereas most people only really think of themselves by their actual first name, and any other forenames they have are just noise.

The only real side effect of the email account change is that you might get a Google+ / chat "invite" from that account. So if you see this happening, you know why. Or if I'm not already in Google contact with you, by all means: add me in.