Tuesday 16 October 2012

New CF10 patch and new CF10 version number



Do not install this updater if you use scheduled tasks.  See bug 3348026. Adobe are on the case, and will - no doubt - have a fix shortly.

You might remember me banging on about how Adobe messed up the version numbers of ColdFusion 10 when they started doing "updater" releases, but weren't changing the version number to match what they were calling the releases (so Updater 1 which they were describing as 10.0.1 was still listing as 10.0 in CF Admin and the server scope).  I raised this as bug 3323518.

Well they've just released another updater today (10.0.3), and I'm pleased to say the version number now reflects the same thing as the name of the updater.

The info window in ColdFusion Admin and the server scope both say 10,0,3,283145 for me now.

Cheers for sorting that out, Adobe.

Over and above that... that's three updaters now, and a security patch. I think Adobe might have got the message people have been sounding off about (me included) about the poor frequency of updates in previous versions of CF (and initially with CF10).  This is really getting a lot better.  Thanks guys... but keep it up!

That's it... I've got ColdBox docs to get back to.