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Wednesday 5 August 2015

ColdFusion: it's hard to maintain the CF docs when the language is so buggy

I was baking an idea for an article about PHP 7's generator return values - which admittedly had got sidetracked in a thought experiment - but just as I pulled up a pew at the pub, someone said something about ColdFusion and scopes and wrong docs and I decided I need to look at it and fix the docs if they were wrong. FFS.

Here's a simple statement in the ColdFusion docs, regarding scopes ("About scopes"):

Evaluating unscoped variables

If you use a variable name without a scope prefix, ColdFusion checks the scopes in the following order to find the variable:
  1. Local (function-local, UDFs and CFCs only)
  2. Arguments
  3. Thread local (inside threads only)
  4. Query (not a true scope; variables in query loops)
  5. Thread
  6. Variables
  7. CGI
  8. Cffile
  9. URL
  10. Form
  11. Cookie
  12. Client

So that's all easy enough, and given it's a list of only a dozen items, one would think it would be easy enough to test to make sure the docs matched ColdFusion's actual behaviour. And that ColdFusion's behaviour is actually correct.