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Tuesday 7 January 2014

ColdFusion: Participate in your community

One of the things a lot of the ColdFusion community members could do to improve things is... lift their game when it comes to being part of the community!

There's been a coupla examples over the last few days of this sort of thing:

Bug 3678476
Few Image functions are not shown in the Coldfusion image functions list


This URL should contain the below image function:

Rupesh commenting against bug 3678093:

cfloop does have a charset attribute which is used for reading the file. however this is missing from the documentation. This needs to be documented.

(my emphasis)

From Twitter:

(and even once I fixed this one, conversation continued as to how (not) good my fix actually was!)

But in all three examples the person writing is correct.

And all three examples are now fixed. Why? Because I just went in and bloody fixed them.

Tuesday 31 December 2013

(4/4) CFRETRY for ColdFusion

I had had this article in draft for over a year, but never got around to writing it. Then Matt Bourke offered an idle challenge to me to write four blog articles before year-end (it's not 8pm in the UK yet, so plenty of time), and I found myself trawling through my draft-backlog for inspiration. I came across this article (well: an earlier version of it), but decided "nah, screw that... I missed the boat on that one, Railo's already done it".

But now I read on Twitter that Steven Neiland is suggesting an enhancement to it... and it's something I had a discussion about the last time I floated this idea for CFML (back in 2010: "<cfretry> / retry")...

Monday 23 December 2013

Being loosely typed is often a good thing but...

Here's the upshoot from something that bubbled up on Twitter. I'll spare you the replicated timeline this time, and just cut to the chase...