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Saturday 29 March 2014

Encourage Adobe to relocate /CFIDE/scripts

I was listening to CFHour just now - another good podcast, fellas - and Scott mentioned that ColdFusion doesn't help its case keeping itself secure/locked down because assets for CFUI tags are homed in /CFIDE/scripts, and /CFIDE really mustn't be exposed to the outside world.

Whilst there are various options to move / rehome these, I've raised a ticket to get /CFIDE/scripts to somewhere else "Isolate the /CFIDE/scripts directory from the rest of /CFIDE" (3732913), which says this:

Monday 17 February 2014

Railo bug? Or ColdFusion bug...

I've had a bit of a break, as you will have noticed. I'm now sitting in my folks' place in Auckland, watching the cricket with me dad. New Zealand are desperately trying to salvage the match against India from certain loss. Currently NZ is on 363/5, with McCullum (183*) and Watling (92*) being the last real line of defence against India. NZ only lead by 118. We kinda need a lead of 250 to not lose (India have another innings yet, and there's still a day and a half to go). We're definitely not gonna win, but we might be able to eke out a draw.

I know hardly any of that will mean anything to most of my readers. However cricket represents "summer" to me.

But enough of the waffle.

Segue alert. One of the most noted wafflers in the CFML community - Scott Stroz - discovered some interesting behaviour when we was migrating some code from ColdFusion to Railo, and initially suspected a bug in Railo. I've had a closer look, and I think it's more likely a bug in ColdFusion, with the behavioural difference with Railo being that it doesn't have the bug. However I'm only 90% convinced of this. Here's the deal...

Thursday 23 January 2014

Oi! You bloody wankers! Stop using ColdFusion UI controls

So Ray's pipped me here slightly, but fair enough cos he's done all the work so far. See his own blog article "I'm not going to tell you to stop using ColdFusion UI tags anymore...", which covers exactly the same ground I'm gonna cover here. Except he's more polite.

Tuesday 7 January 2014

@CfmlNotifier and untriaged bug count

Just a quicky. Scott and Dave had a bit of a strop at me today on CFHour: the "annoying Twitter accounts" reference in the show precis is a reference to @CfmlNotifier Twitter account. Which they don't like.

Thursday 5 September 2013


This is gonna be quick as I'm a) hungover (yeah... 10pm and I'm still hungover from y/day!); b) had a few medicinal beers to try to deal with (a); c) absolutely nackered, and want to just vegetate and watch a DVD.

I want to actively participate in the demise of <cfform>, <cflayout>, <cfajax> and the like as "a thing" that CFML developers might accidentally use.

Monday 1 April 2013

Integrating CF ORM into FW/1 and Stackoverflow bullying (mostly the latter)

OK, so I sound a bit like a broken record with Stackoverflow, but they've rankled me even more than usual today. Someone's raised a pretty poorly-worded question (I am moderately confident English is not their first language though, so this can't be helped), but it was decipherable and one of the ColdFusion community's chief stalwart's - Scott Stroz - was helping the person out with his problems. Scott had posted an answer, and they were working back & forth to clarify the requirement, and making good headway.

And then one of the Stackoverflow moderators took it upon themselves to both close the question, as also delete Scott's answer.