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Saturday 26 April 2014

ColdFusion 11: <cfclient> in the context of the CFML language, not the tooling

This article could end up being a complete waste of space, as I am operating under more real-world re-interpretation of the raison d'ĂȘtre of <cfclient>, as described by Ram:
ColdFusion [11] has added support for client side CFML (<cfclient>) and this code is translated to JavaScript
Mike Henke has pointed out that the first part of this "CF11 has added support for client-side CFML" is actually bullshit (my wording, not his):
"ColdFusion Splendor has added support for client side CFML" is probably phrased wrong and gave me flash backs to VBScript or CFML running in the client browser.
Maybe this is better verbiage. "ColdFusion Splendor has added support for CFML to generate JS".
Because... there's not such thing as "client-side CFML". That would imply CFML actually running on the client (ie: the browser, or the mobile device, as is the target of <cfclient> as a concept). This is absolutely not true. I know Ram went on to qualify what he meant there, but the messaging from Adobe on <cfclient> has been inaccurate. Possibly I think to the point of actual misrepresentation (in the legal sense, I mean).

What <cfclient> does is... convert CFML code to JavaScript. So let's look at that idea.

Friday 7 March 2014

Java Training

My mate Mike Henke has passed on some good information, and said he wouldn't mind if I circulated to everyone else too.

I saw your recent post about CFML dying. Today I hit up webucator for a deal on their online java class for experienced programmers. They offered it for $1000 but I need 2 others to sign up too.

It starts April 28th 10am-5pm eastern time for 5 days..

If you want to mention this in a blog post or tweet that would be awesome for CFML-ers looking to learn something else and if they are like me, needing a set, short class to ramp up fast.

Mike makes a good point that a rapid skill injection like this could be great for people who need help / opportunity to move on from CFML. I'm not necessarily be suggesting a move to Java itself would be a good idea, but there's an awful lot of good techniques to be learned from Java that a CFMLer might not necessarily acquire day to day.

Even if not moving from CFML, it's just a great opportunity to get some intense exposure to another language.

And $1000 is a bloody excellent price.

As per Mike's comment below: he can be contacted on  henke dot mike at gmail dot com.


Thursday 31 October 2013

<cfinclude> and JavaScript

Yesterday evening on Twitter, Mike Henke asking a quick quiz question:

Before checking the Gist or progressing... answer the question for yourself.