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Thursday 6 August 2015

CFML: code challenge from the CFML Slack channel

I wasn't gonna write anything today, but then Jessica on Slack (to use her full name) posted a code puzzle on the CFML Slack channel, which I caught whilst I was sardined in a train to Ilford en route home. I nutted out a coupla solutions in my head instead of reading my book, and I saw this as a good opportunity (read: "excuse") to pop down to the local once I got home and squared away a coupla things, and key the code in and see if it worked. I was moderately pleased with the results, and I think I've solved it in an interesting way, so am gonna reproduce here.

Jessica's problem was thus:
so, i am attempting to write a function that lets you set variables specifically in a complex structure [...]
    foo: {
        bar: "hi"
setProperty("", "chicken");
writeDump(cached); // should == = chicken

On the Slack channel there was talk of loops and recursion and that sort of thing, which all sounded fine (other people came up with answers, but I purposely did not look at them lest they influenced my own efforts). The more I work with CFML and its iteration methods (map(), reduce(), etc), the more I think actually having to loop over something seems a bit primitive, and non-descriptive. I looked at this for a few minutes... [furrowed my brow]... and thought "you could reduce that dotted path to a reference to the substruct I reckon". There were a few challenges there - if CFML had proper references it'd be easier - but I got an idea of the code in my head, and it seemed nice and easy.

Whilst waiting to Skype with my boy I wrote my tests:

Saturday 25 July 2015

JavaScript: expectations re-adjusted re Promises

First off a proactive apology. I generally sit in the pub on my Saturday afternoons in Galway (every second weekend), and write some ballocks on this blog. I think we're all used to that. I'm doing that now, but prior to kicking off with the writing I have already been sitting around for two hours watching the All Blacks play the Springboks in a hard-fought, narrow-margined 20-27 victory to NZ. And this entailed drinking four pints of Guinness as the build-up and match was under way, and I'm tucking into my fifth now. So f*** knows how coherent this article will be. The up-side is that I wrote the code for this beforehand :-S

OK, so the framing for this article is the previous article: "JavaScript: getting my brain around Promises", and my admission here is that I didn't actually get my brain entirely around JavaScript promises. I set my bar slightly too high (or: just wrong) for how I'd expect JavaScript to work, as it turns out. I'm spoilt by CFML, I guess. I'll update key points of that article, but make sure to read that one first as it's still mostly all right (IMO), and this article just clarifies a coupla points I didn't quite "get" last time.

My chief misapprehension was that JavaScript Promises themselves imparted some manner of asynchronicity to code execution, but this is not the case. They are just a handling mechanism for other code which itself is asynchronous. Once I wrote some code that respected that, things made more sense to me.

Here are some examples of how Promises help streamlining async code.