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Sunday 26 January 2014

More Git

Another Git day today... this time I did the "Git Real" course on Code School (yesterday's article - "Two birds; one... stone" - was around their freebie intro course "tryGit").

I found today's course a bit superficial... TBH I think I learned more in the tryGit one than I did this one. I guess the things to learn about Git are more conceptual than "what one types at the keyboard", so the exercises in a Code School sort of environment will be a bit basic? It seemed more a test of whether I was paying attention to the videos, than whether I actually absorbed anything.

That said, it's given me another list of things to look at in more depth, which I'll do here. And I do think I have improved my understanding as to the mindset Git operates with, in contrast to how SVN (which I have a dozen years experience with) works. So this is valuable. OK, so I have this list of git commands to investigate further. And I'll document 'em here.

Saturday 25 January 2014

Two birds; one... stone

(If you got the allusion I was making in the title... you're a bad person).

OK, so two things have happened. I've been needing to get up to speed with Git for work-related purposed (we will presently - hopefully - be converting from SVN to Git), plus I also need to start participating in a coupla OS projects on Git. One of which I'm co-founder of ("ColdFusion UI the Right Way"). I do have an account on GitHub already, wherein I keep all the code metioned on this blog (and other bits and pieces):, however I pretty much just use that for backing-up, making-public and distributing it between my various computers. I can commit stuff and that's about it.

Also Andy Allan's recently written an essential blog article (I mentioned it yesterday, but here's the link again: "Version Control"), and this has already had some people come out of the wood work saying they don't use version- / source-control, excusing it as too hard. Nonsense.

By way of demonstration, I'm gonna work through getting Git up and running in this article. I've deinstalled all the Git stuff from my machine, and am starting again.