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Thursday 6 March 2014

Tuesday 18 February 2014

I might not be, but Gavin is...

A few days back I got a bit shouty about not being a dead CF installer storage facility: "Things I am not...".

Gavin, who is a much nicer person than I am, has - instead of just complaining about stuff like I do - done something about it, as detailed here: "CFML Server - A Different type of ColdFusion Repo - ColdFusion Installs". Gavin has created an online repository (via, of old ColdFusion installer files. He's got a range of installs for various versions back to ColdFusion 5, as well as a mix of operating systems and bitness (what's the technical term to describe the concept like "32-bit" or "64-bit"?) of the OS architecture.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Ways to call functions in CFML

We've got Brad Wood and David Epler to thank for this article (sorry that Twitter presents information back to front, so start at the bottom and read up. Like one never generally would):

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Wait for the dust to settle before installing the recent ColdFusion patches

Hopefully you're aware that Adobe recently released a patch for ColdFusion versions 9.x and 10.x so that they will now run on Java 7. I had a small whine about the poor timing of this release the other day.

After some discussion I was a peripheral participant in today, my advice is perhaps to not bother installing it yet.