Wednesday 15 February 2023

PHP: I need another two devs


I'm revisiting an article I posted in December, fishing for a coupla devs: I need another two devs. I parked that because we re-evaluated the direction we were going to take our replatforming exercise. In short we were going to be shift the CFML to Kotlin, but for various reasons that I won't go into here we've revised that plan to shift to PHP instead.

So. Now I'm looking for a couple of PHP devs to join my team.

We are growing our team some more, this time looking for two devs. Previously we'd only been hiring senior / very experienced engineers; this time I'm happy to talk to more mid-level devs who might like to join a team of seniors and take an opportunity to improve their dev skills, and their general engineering skills.

We have a B2B app running on a CFML-based framework. We are retiring that over the next couple of years, re-designing and re-implementing it in Symfony, on PHP8.2. The devs I am looking for will be working on the PHP side of the migration process. It's a green-fields project: currently the PHP app is at "G'day world" stage, and is not even deployed to the production environment yet, although it will be in the next couple of weeks.

There will be no requirement to do any dev work on the legacy CFML platform, however realistically one is gonna need to be reading / running the code whilst identifying / understanding the business logic, before re-implementing it in the PHP application. So CFML is not a necessary skill at all, but preparedness to understand the legacy code will be something one will need to do here.

You'd be joining a team of four devs (a mix of CFML and PHP), and a QA; this is from a total head count at Easy Direct Debits of 20-ish.

The details of the role - which I've lifted from our ad: "Application Developer (UK)" - are:


  • Experience with PHP.
  • Experience developing new web applications/web services.
  • Experience with Symfony.

Highly desirable:

  • Knowledge of design principles such as MVC, SOLID and other common design patterns.
  • Some familiarity with Agile principles, and experience delivering value in an Agile fashion.
  • Some exposure to test automation (eg: unit testing), and TDD practices.
  • Experience with client-side application technology (eg React.js or similar).
  • Some familiarity with Dockerised development environments.

The full job spec has details of the company and all the usual HR malarky.

Logistics-wise this is a permanent (ie: we are not offering it to contractors) remote-first position within the UK. I will not consider any other "unofficial" attempts to work from an offshore location. You must be resident in the UK, and be able to work here, fulltime. We cannot offer visa sponsorship. We have a physical office but I've never set foot in it, and everyone else in the dev team are 100% remote as well; spread throughout England. But if you want to work in Bournemouth, there's a desk for you there if that's your thing. The people in that office are all nice :-).

As I said, we have two openings for this role at the moment.

If you want to have a chat about this, you can send yer CV through to the email address on the job spec page linked-to above. I'm not interested in talking to recruiters for now, just in case you are one (and reading this?): I'm only wanting to talk to people in the dev community directly.