Tuesday 20 April 2021

Why I've been looking at CFML again recently


Just a quick one. You might have noticed that the subject matter of this thing abruptly changed from the usual PHP-oriented stuff, back to looking at CFML-oriented stuff. This deserves an explanation.

In case you didn't know, I finished my role at Hostelworld.com about a year ago. Since then I've been largely pottering around, avoiding CV-19 and joining in with the ubiquitous societal disallusionment / confusion / malaise surrounding the realities of not being able to do whatever I want whenever I want to, and being largely locked-up most of the time.

For reasons I won't go into, I've not needed to look for work. So I decided to wait until "things settled down". Which basically wrote-off 2020. I am really lucky to be in that position, and I feel for people who had to take things more urgently in the commercial climate that was 2020.

2021 rolled around and I decided I had better get my head out of my arse and find a job. This was quite daunting as I'd not needed to interview for a job for ten years, and I was reasonably rusty at it. I also decided to be fairly picky about what I looked at, given there was no financial desperation in the mix.

I went for two job interviews, and didn't get either. One made me laugh cos they reckoned I didn't know enough about testing. It's probably for the best I didn't end up there.

A week or so ago I started to talk to Easy Direct Debits Ltd, and this has worked out well for me (and hopefully them…). I'm starting today - I'll clock-on in about 15min - as "Technical Team Lead". Cool. I've met (well: via Zoom) two of the bods above me in the foodchain there, and they both seem like good blokes. This makes for a positive start. I generally look forward to going to work each day, but I'm enthusiastic (as much as I get enthusiastic about stuff) about cracking on in an environment that's new to me.

But not that new, and back to the subject line of this article: it's a CFML shop. I'm a wee bit rusty with my CFML, hence giving myself some exercises this last week. And my boss has given me more to do today. Ha. I will also be maintaining my focus on TDD, automated testing, and code quality. This is a big part of my role there. And this is excellent.

I'll be rejoining the CFML Slack community shortly. Apologies in advance to everyone there ;-)

And just to close… I can't not link to this, in the circumstances: