Thursday 25 February 2021

Fine, Dara. Fine. This thing is now on HTTPS


My mate Dara McGann has been pestering me for a while to get this thing onto HTTPS. I couldn't be arsed forking out the readies to get an SSL for this domain, and didn't think it really mattered, but he - rightly (grumble) - pointed out that Google etc could possibly penalise non-secure sites these days in their search rankings. And given this thing has such low readership these days (poss due to the quality of the content… ahem), it needs all the help it can get.

So I forked out the £££.

I had a bit of an outage before due to some DNS shenanigans or some such, but it seems to be stable now. HTTP requests ought to redirect to HTTPS, and most importantly the site should - you know - be up and working. Obviously this is a dumb place to say this, but if you encounter any issues let me know.