Friday 16 October 2020

Ben Brumm writes an interesting article on Hierarchical Data in SQL


This is solely a heads-up regarding some potential reading for you.

A bloke called Ben Brumm came across one of my old articles, "CFML: an exercise in converting a nested set tree into an adjacency list tree". He's hit me up and asked me to add a link to that to an article he's written "Hierarchical Data in SQL: The Ultimate Guide". I've done that, but that article is buried in the mists of time back in 2015. I figured he could benefit from a more contemporary nudge too. So here it is. Me nudging.

In other news people have been urging me to get back to this blog, but I'm afraid I still am not finding anything new to write about. So... erm... yeah. If something leaps out at me I do fully intend to come back to this, but... not for now.