Friday 4 November 2016

Another Friday code puzzle on the Slack Channel

Another perennial CFML community participant, Ryan Guill, has posted this week's Friday code puzzle, over on the #friday-puzzle subchannel of the #CFML Slack channel.

Don't worry about the fact it's on the #CFML channel: it's open to anyone who wants to participate (you will need to join the channel though! I'll check with Ryan if it's OK to post the direct link to the Gist for it... update... yes it is OK. Here it is: (gist)).

Here's a summary of the challenge:


Create a function that takes an array of objects that contain a name and a date counts instances of the name for a score. Output a leaderboard of the top 10 scores. Combine the same scores together so that if, for example, first place is 20 points and two people have 20 points, show them both in first place. The order of the names in the same place are not important. Next would still be second place. For this challenge, the dates do not matter.

(but see the actual Gist for more expectations: that's just the summary).

I for one would like to see how various different languages might approach this. On the other hand, I'm pretty rammed at the moment so dunno if I will find time to actually participate, meself.

Anyway, go on... give it a blast.