Tuesday 15 March 2016

Winding down my participation in the CFML community

People whose opinion I trust have urged me to stop wasting so much of my time with the CFML community, especially given I myself no longer use CFML (other than on this blog). I don't even use it as my "quick scripting language" any more: I use either PHP or JavaScript, or try to force myself to use something else.

A while back I decided to stop paying attention to CFML once ColdFusion 122016 and Lucee 5 were out the door. I'd have a look at those, offer my thoughts, then move on. Well CF2016 is out and it seems Adobe have even less interest in ColdFusion than I am trying to have these days, and I can't see any evidence that Lucee 5 is ever gonna be released, so I'm not waiting around for that. What a disappointment. Also setting a future milestone to do something is a motivational cop-out like New Year's resolutions are. If you want to do something: just do it. Don't schedule it in for later. Deciding to do something then starting out by not doing it seems daft to me.

So today I unsubbed from my filter that emails me CFML / ColdFusion / Lucee / Railo issues on various Stack Exchange forums. I now only "follow" PHP7 there. I want to broaden that to some focused areas of the PHP & dev community, but yet to decide where to focus there.

I also deleted my column in my Twitter client that trackes various CFML-ish hash tags. I'll be ceasing "following" (always sounds creepy to me) people who I follow purely because they're in the CFML community, and I don't otherwise have dealings with.

I've unsubbed from the Lucee Google group, but I can't work out how to unsubscribe from the Lucee Lang Forum on Discourse. This does not surprise me of the Discourse UI/UX. Still: unsubscribing from that is like ignoring a one-handed person clapping anyhow.

I've maintained my subscription to the CFML Slack channel as I'm an admin there, but I'll ditch that shortly too.

This is not one of these rage-quit "I'm Leaving The Community!" blog articles. Just notification that I will not be paying attention to a bunch of the channels via which people used to get my attention. If I notice something that really takes my fancy: I'll have a look at it. I'm just going to try to not notice from now on.

I guess it's more the exercise of a newly-reformed alcoholic going around the house and tipping out the booze from all the bottles hidden around the place.



PS: thanks for all the comments below. I do really appreciate them.