Wednesday 5 August 2015

Adobe: if you can't be helpful, just get out of the f***ing way

The Adobe bugbase has to be one of the sh!ttest things about ColdFusion that Adobe have foisted upon us. From the UI and the UX; to how buggy the bloody thing is; to the length of time it takes to get any action without badgering poor Anit across Twitter and Slack; to the abjectly sh!t-house way the Adobe ColdFusion Team handles client interaction on same.

It's just f***ed.

Just when I thought there was no way they could possibly make it even more f***ed, they actually managed it. I think they have disengaged their brains so far this time that there is probably a (small) grey sloppy mess on the floor of Adobe BugBase Central, because their brains have actually fallen out.

Now I preface this by saying it's been virtually impossible to get Adobe to fix any of the bugs in the bugbase. I don't mean ColdFusion bugs... I mean bugs in the actual bugbase application:

Those are just the ones I've raised. There are 105 altogether.

But they do make changes to it.

For example, a coupla weeks back they added a CAPTCHA to the bug-creation form. FFS. To even get to the bug-creation form one needs to already be logged in as an Adobe user. So... yes, I'm a human. Who has taken the time to sign-up to your frickin' system, and is also taking the time to let you know about bugs in your software. So you don't need to have a bloody CAPTCHA to work out if I'm a human or not. I am one. We're your bloody clients, you f***wits.

I've also had 37 different problems actually entering the CAPTCHA matches. I had been putting this down to me being old and blind, although I also note that I don't have problems with CAPTCHAs on anyone else's site.

So I started to pay attention this evening, and took this screen cap:

Now... what does that image portray if it's not 3BAHY8? Well clearly it's something else, because when I pressed "Submit Bug", I got this:

And it took me another three goes before it'd let me submit the frickin' thing.

Here's an idea, Adobe... how about you stop being obstructively, incapably stupid, and just let us get on with helping you try to fix your bloody software. Is that too much to ask?

Get rid of the damn CAPTCHA, you muppets.

Bug raised: 4031988.

[shakes head in disbelief].