Wednesday 17 June 2015

Lucee: Kai raises some very good points re .lucee and LAS's approach to it

[takes a deep breath]. OK, I'm going to try to not be all feisty in at least this article.

Kai Koenig has put a lot of effort into seeking clarification about the .lucee thing, how it should be approach from both LAS's and the community's perspective, and seeking some clarification from LAS as to how they see the development of .lucee as a going concern. The general thrust is one about transparency on the part of LAS, and to encourage them to adopt a more inclusive approach to how they conduct the .lucee side of their work.

It's worth reading if you're interested in .lucee (to any degree), and there's already some feedback from Geoff.

Here it is: "The (Missing) Lucee Language spec".

Kai maintains an over-all neutral- to positive-tone, which is an asset. And something I personally struggle to do on these topics. Good work Kai.

He's asked for some input / follow-up from the community in a couple of areas, so it'd be really good if community members could do so.

Me? No, I'm going to leave this thread alone. I think everyone knows my opinion on the points he raises. FWIW, there's nothing I disagree with in what Kai says, and he really has put it forward thoroughly and clearly.

Go have a read.