Thursday 19 February 2015

ColdFusion 11 update 4 released

This'll be quick as I'm sitting in some dodgy motel room in Wellington, in the dark, with internet that is hamster-wheel powered.

I just noticed ColdFusion 11 update 4 has finally been released. That took longer than it should have. I suspect Adobe forgot they hadn't released it.

This is the one that basically fixes everything that updater 3 broke. So not exactly a forward move, but hey. At least Adam Tuttle will be pleased the ?: will be working again.

Oh, and make sure you pay attention to this guidance:

It's great to see they still haven't managed to automate that step.

Obviously if you install this, put it on a test machine first, and do your unit and regression tests. Do not put it straight into production.

The details are here, and you install most of it via CFAdmin.