Sunday 18 January 2015

REST Web APIs: The Book... competition winner

A few weeks ago I ran a "competition" to win a copy of Adam Tuttle's "REST Web APIs: The Book" book.

I have to admit that it'd slipped my mind until I was reminded about it a coupla days back.

In a very partial (sic) way I have selected a winner at not-at-all-random...

The question was this:

Lemme know what the biggest hurdle you've faced with REST has been, or something tricky that you took a while to "get".
I've picked Chris Geirman's answer as the winner:
A client using Adobe's REST asked me to capture and log every REST request and log it's details. They also wanted me to capture the response details, including response code and response payload. I thought this would be a simple matter of using the onRequestStart() method to capture incoming requests and onRequestEnd() method to capture the response in the Application.cfc. BUT, I quickly learned that Adobe runs both onRequestStart() AND onRequestEnd() BEFORE passing the request off to the REST engine, so there doesn't seem to be a natural way to wrap REST requests for pre and post processing/logging.
Good stuff. Chris you win on the basis of that, as well as for reminding me to pick a winner. Well I did tell you it was a completely partial and not-at-all-random selection.

Joking aside, Chris's answer was a good one.

Chris, I'll get Adam to get in touch with you for your prize.

And cheers to Jack, Andy, Mike and Aaron for entering too.

I'm gonna keep this brief as I'm trying to write some of me own bloody book today. Not making much progress either... :-/