Thursday 3 July 2014


A few days ago I mentioned that "Adobe apparently cease development and/or support of UI tags in ColdFusion". This was because one of their dudes said as much (this was on 3043516):

Ray sniffed into this - as it didn't sound right to him, and confirmed it was not actually the case. I've been holding off on adjusting my initial comment until I got clarification from the ColdFusion Team themselves.

I had followed up Uday's comment with the observation that it's all well and good to deprecate the UI stuff, but some customers have already in good faith paid for these features, so there really is a professional burden on Adobe to fix the bugs that people have raised, rather than basically just go "[nothing to see here, move along]".

That ticket was updated this afternoon (I got a notification about it), but there didn't seem to be any change. Well: no comment from Uday clarifying what he meant, and seemingly everything else was the same. Then I noticed this:

Note that the comment has been changed, rather than followed-up. And - interestingly the time stamp of it hasn't been updated, or any other indication it's been updated. Given there's already a reply to this comment, I think this is really a bit disingenuous on the part of Uday. He should have just said - in a follow-up comment - "hey, sorry, I accidentally mislead you there: what I said is not true. However [etc]".

This is not the first time someone on the Adobe ColdFusion Team have tried to rewrite history on something they've said. I've noted a few times... I dunno how many I've been missing. I don't really trust them, I have to say (as a team I mean. I will not pass judgement on individuals).

Anyway, other than this ticket having been an inconvenience for me a few years ago, I don't really care about it now.

But I do expect people to be honest and professional.