Friday 11 July 2014

A new survey: which language would you use to develop a new REST API?

SSIA, really. As per the survey intro text:

A client has a rusty-old SOAP API written in CFML which needs overhauling. We possibly have the opportunity to rewrite it. The rest of the codebase is CFML, and the team's strengths lie in CFML and C#, with passable clientside JS. This survey is soliciting community advice as to which language we should considerfor this implementation.

Note: for the purposes of this survey, the existing skill set is a reasonable consideration, but not necessarily the only one.
The survey is here: "A REST API". It's only two questions - one multi-choice to pick a language, and one to explain why.

Once I get a reasonable amount or replies, I'll aggregate them in a follow-up article.

Do not, however, just comment against this article. Fill-in the survey. I will not be paying attention to the comments against this article when it comes to aggregating the results.

Oh, and hey... if your reach is outside of the CFML community, it'd be cool if you could forward this on to your colleagues who focus on other languages too. It is a major consideration that the codebase & personnel are heavily CFML and C# influenced, but it's only one consideration. I like the idea of trying to diversity from those languages, if possible.