Tuesday 4 March 2014

Your ColdFusion bugs - visualised

I'm stealing some of Ray's code here, and making it more general and exposing it for all to use.

A few days back (I only noticed it today) Ray posted an article "My ColdFusion Bugs - visualized". In this he has pulled the ColdFusion bugs he's raised with Adobe, and charted their current status (eg: "Fixed", "Closed", "Can't be arsed fixing", "It's meant to be broken", etc). It's mildly interesting... interesting enough for me to pinch the idea and refine it slightly.  Here's the chart for my own bugs:

In Ray's version he queried the data once, and then just charts those results. In my version I've done two things:
  1. It polls live data every request;
  2. One can specify anyone's "name" to get the bugs for.
The display above is just being pulled in from my CFMLDeveloper-homed ColdFusion instance... you can browse to it directly via http://adamcameroncoldfusion.cfmldeveloper.com/cfbugs/mine/bugchart.html?name=[your name here], eg: http://adamcameroncoldfusion.cfmldeveloper.com/cfbugs/mine/bugchart.html?name=adam cameron.

I'm pleased to see Ray (formerly "ColdFusion Jedi") hasn't used <cfchart> for this. Because there's simply no point. HighChartsJS look pretty bloody cool to me. And there's no need to pester the CFML server for UI stuff. Just do it on the UI.

Anyway, that's it. I'm back to blogging before work & during lunchtime, so it's good to keep these things short.