Tuesday 11 March 2014

Shamelessful plug

I'm not quite sure what I think about this one, and not sure how to word things. But one thing I do know how to articulate: Gavin's a nice bloke.

Why's Gavin a nice bloke? Well if you've met him, he just is. But I'm making a point of it here because last night (my time) he released this blog post: "Charity Corner - Diabetes and Fly a Foul Mouthed Fusioner Fund". First and foremost Gav should be lauded for putting his time into helping an actual worthy cause, in helping out his local diabetes charity. But he's also decided to promote a particular unworthy cause: me.

I'll let you read the article, but the gist of the me-centric bit is that I voiced somewhere on social media last week (it was probably Twitter) that I would love to go to CF.Objective() this May, but my financial logistics are such that it just can't be done. Ray Camden immediately said I could room-share with him to chip away at my costs a bit, which is fantastic, but I still can't really justify to myself the rest of the expense (it's over a grand - GBP - just for the flights!).

Gavin seems to have been mulling over this a bit, and yesterday gave me a nudge regarding what he was intending to blog-post over night. He's doing a bit of a "charity-drive" to try to get me crowd-sponsored to assist with my costs of attending the conference. I don't articulate myself at all well when I'm chuffed at the thought of someone going out of their way to help me, so I'll just say "blimey mate, thanks for thinking that way".

Anyway, nothing ventured; nothing gained, I guess. So I figured I'd mention it here too. I do feel slightly guilty about doing so though (not so guilty I decided not to, obviously!)

All I can offer in return is blog-coverage of the thing if I get there, plus buying beer for people once I'm there. Also I will unashamedly say "I can be bought", so if you were to help me get to the gig, I'd be more than happy to direct my blogging attention in a direction of your choosing. Heh: Adobe... here's your chance to get me to say something positive about <cfclient> ;-)

Anyway, there you go. Hat in hand, pan-handle at the ready.

And thanks again Gavin (and Ray!). You guys are dudes.