Wednesday 15 January 2014

Update regarding the cookie issue on Adobe websites

If you're a regular on more than one of the Adobe main website, Adobe ColdFusion forums, ColdFusion bug tracker and/or a contributor to the Adobe ColdFusion 10 documentation site, you'll be aware there's an issue with how Adobe handles cookies between their sites, and how it f***s everything up when you try to login to one site having already got a cookie from another one of their sites.

Poor old Frank Jennings put his head above the parapet one time when I was slinging ire about the place, so I've hit him up every time there's been something not to my liking about any of the Adobe web sites. Well: mainly the docs site, as I think it's actually within his purview.

Frank's a star and likes to get things sorted out, so he gave my email address to a coupla people within Adobe, and I am now in communication with someone's whose job description sounds pretty high up in the scheme of things. And everyone seems to want to help out. Good stuff!

I'll follow this through to conclusion, and hopefully we'll soon be able to login to more than one of Adobe's sites without getting into an endless redirect loop or similar. And we can get on with our jobs (which includes helping Adobe by providing feedback, community and content for them).

Rather pleasingly, I see this as a win for "squeaky wheel gets the oil", over "catching more flies with honey than vinegar". You can keep your honey. And... um... your flies.

Stay tuned.


PS: and obviously thanks to Frank et al for picking this one up. This is cool action from Adobe.