Thursday 9 January 2014

Suggested trivial changes to the Adobe ColdFusion bug tracker

This is more just a list of stuff for Rakshith's attention than anything relevatory. There's a few small tweaks to the bug tracker which would be useful.

  1. Add ColdFusion 9.0.2 to the product version (3691114).
  2. Add "Final" to the releases of CFB 2.0.1. Currently it has only Alpha / Beta. Remove Alpha / Beta (3328631).
  3. Make the product version multi-select (and not required) (3115854).
  4. Update the versions listed for 10.0. Get rid of everything that's there except "final" (3691115).
  5. Default "App Language" and "OS Language" to English (3691117).
  6. Update the "Platform" select to have current versions of OSes. Put "All" at the top. Add an "other / not listed" option (3120326).
  7. Remember what I said last time for the "Language" and "Platforms" section (3691118).
  8. Why are these settings so disparate between ColdFusion versions? (3691120)
  9. There's no point in having "Version" / "Build" / "Platform" dropdowns for "New Features", I think? (3691121)
  10. Change the search to have one text input which will search all fields, including comments and votes. Change the "Find Bug/Feature ID" search to use this search too (3691122).
  11. Add filters to the search results grid columns (3314405).
  12. Add an option to "watch" an issue (3691123).
  13. Votes should not require comments. And not "[...] between 25 and 4000 characters" (3691124).
  14. Take the 4000 char limit off the text fields. I guess one should attach code / stack traces etc, but I don't think they're search indexed, so unless they are, putting them inline is the best thing to do (3140424).
  15.  Change the emails that go out from simply saying "there was a change" to having details of what the change was (3691125).
I think that's it. For the time being. Anyone else noticed anything that could stand improvement? Sing out.


Here's some more, already in the bug tracker:
  1. Bugbase logs you out if you take too long entering the bug (3593706).
  2. After raising a bug, redirect the bug's URL (3314410).
  3. Make links from the old bug tracker work (3120311). 
  4. Bug's closeable / editable by the person who raised them (3115266).