Monday 20 January 2014

Another update regarding the cookie issue on Adobe websites

Last week I posted this article: "Update regarding the cookie issue on Adobe websites". This related to the ongoing problem the Adobe websites have had recently wherein if one was logged into one (eg: the ColdFusion 10 docs site, the bug tracker or the Adobe ColdFusion forums), then when one hit another site one needed to log-in to, one found one's self in an endless redirection loop. And that update was just letting everyone know I was in touch with Adobe about it.

Well the good news is it's fixed.

The Adobe guys took this very seriously - perhaps too seriously as my email was CCed to the Adobe CIO at one point (she deescalated it again fairly quickly ;-) - and they seem to have got it sorted out.

So this is just a "cheers" to everyone @ Adobe who had a hand in this, and thanks for sorting it out so quickly once it got in front of you.