Wednesday 29 January 2014

CFML: To that 20% of you out there: what the f*** are you thinking?

I am utterly gobsmacked. Look at this:

These figures are from the intermediary results of the "State of the CF Union survey 2014" survey that's on currently. it's a trimmed version of the full results, which one can see if one completes the survey.

A few people in the community - including myself - have expressed derision at this:

The thing is... whilst there's 10% of people who make a point of admitting they don't use source control... but that's overlooking the other nigh-on 10% who also don't actually use source control, but simply copy files or do some shit with BeyondCompare (what?). Or "zip shit up". that's not source control. That's professional negligence.

And here's the thing... this is 20% of the CFML community who are active enough in social media to see a survey and fill it out. So they represent the "creme" of the community: bear in mind most of the CFML community are 9-5ers who would never appear in these statistics (and on average are probably less competent than the ones that do raise their heads above the parapet).

Let's not mince words:

  • If you don't use source control, you are professionally negligent.
  • If you don't use source control because it's outwith your control: you're still professionally negligent, because you should have done something about it.
  • If you think you have an excuse or a justification or a rationalisation for not using source control: you're mistaken.
And I don't mean "copying files as source control". I mean using A proper SCM system like Git or SVN (etc). If you're not using something like that: you're professionally negligent. And are an embarrassment to our community.

And you should be shot.