Tuesday 31 December 2013

(1/4): it's not all about ColdFusion 10 bugs. CF 9.x has outstanding bugs too...

First the "1/4" thing. Matt Bourke has just challenged me to release another four blog articles today. Let's see if I can do it. I make no apologies for the quality (or length) of the writing today. I'm not in the pub for one thing ;-)

This one is really short, but was underway before Matt challenged me.

Ages ago I commented derisively about how poor Adobe had been at triaging ColdFusion 10 bugs: "212 untriaged ColdFusion 10 bugs" & followed that up with 'Follow-up to "212 untriaged ColdFusion 10 bugs"'. I'm pleased to say Adobe have done some good work here, and that number is down to 52.

I periodically send various status updates via my @CfmlNotifier Twitter account:
  • whenever an unresolved bug or enhancement request is updated (status change, comment or vote added);
  • a count of how many ColdFusion 10 bugs remain untriaged.
I've just added another feed to this: how many ColdFusion 9.x bugs remain untriaged:

It'd be great to see if Adobe could chip away at that list too.

I'm a firm believer that it's pretty unacceptable for a publicly-facing bug to go untriaged for more than a day or so. Note that I don't mean it should be fixed / dealth with, but someone at Adobe should at least have looked at it, attempted to replicate it, and in general fed-back to their client what they think, or if they need more information.

There are ColdFusion 9 bugs in there that have remained untriaged since July 2010. That's 3.5 years ago! That's really pretty poor, I think.

Anyway, maybe this info will be mildly informative for you. And I hope this might encourage Adobe to further lift their game. They're currently developing ColdFusion 11, so there's really no excuse at all for them to not have had a look at every bug that's been raised in the product, and make a decision on what to do about it.