Friday 30 August 2013

Bug watch: 212206 untriaged ColdFusion 10 bugs

The code & testing for the article I'm writing is going to take a few hours, and Mon-Fri I only have a coupla hours available each day to write said code, so I'll not get to the actual article until the weekend. In the meantime... where are Adobe at with bug fixing?

A while back I posted an article "212 untriaged ColdFusion 10 bugs", and a follow-up a few weeks later "Follow-up to ~".

As of today, there are 206 untriaged bugs raised against ColdFusion 10. This is a net reduction of six since May, three months ago.

Given Adobe are currently right in the thick of development for ColdFusion 11, I'd've thought we'd see some triage action going on, to give us some idea of what they're gonna be addressing. Note that this is not a measure of bugs that have been fixed, it's a measure of bugs that haven't progressed at all through their system, beyond being raised. So this is a slight cause for concern, really, in a coupla possible ways:

  • they actually aren't looking at any of these bugs;
  • they don't bother to keep their public-facing bug tracker up to date.
I suspect it's actually the latter, which is the lesser of two "evils", but it'd be great if they could have a professional level of communication towards their clients.

And I don't think it's too much to ask for them to give their clients an idea of what bugs (which, obviously, are all causing us some degree of anguish, given the issues have been raised) are going to be addressed and when.

It'd be really great if Adobe could start lifting their game here, and be a bit more engaged with their client base.

As a closing note: don't forget to vote for bugs that affect you, or enhancement requests you'd like to see in the product. Adobe do pay attention to the amount of interest an issue has. Even if an issue is closed as "won't fix" / "can't be arsed", still vote, because it adds leverage for getting the issue fixed.

Also don't forget you can keep track of bug activity in a coupla ways. In the right-hand column of this page there are links to RSS feeds for the 50 most-recent ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder bugs, and you can follow @cfbugnotifier on Twitter, and I'll keep you up to date of any new bugs, and any new comments / votes / status changes on existing bugs.