Friday 26 July 2013

Recognising the people who help me with this blog

Adam Tuttle (that's twice today) was quipping last that I'd mentioned him twice on the blog on Weds, and I should try for three times y/day (which failed: just the one mention, sorry). Anyway, as a joke back I said I should tag my articles with the people who I mention - these are usually people who have helped me, or caused me to write the article - and whoever is at the top of the list is automatically on my "give them beer next time I see them" list.

And then I thought... well why not? People do help me out and inspire me to write, and I appreciate it. So I did go through all my back articles last night, and tagged them up with the people I have mentioned in them, and I will continue to do so. So there are people's names listed at the bottom of the article on the "tags" bit, and the tag cloud thing on the right hand side also lists a bunch of people amongst the other tags I've got. Now there's been a whole swag of people tagged up, and the tag listing became unhelpful with every tag displayed, so you don't get a mention on the right unless you've got 3 mentions (or are Chris who only had two mentions until now, but as he wrote my most popular article, I decided to list his anyhow. And now he's got his third mention anyway).

Sean's currently at the top of the leaderboard, and there's a fair gap back to the rest of the pack.

Anyway... cheers y'all for your help along the way.