Monday 29 July 2013

Survey: "ColdFusion Migration issues: Java 6 to Java 7"

I've decided I want to know more about any CFML code incompatibilities / issues that arise from migrating the underlying JVM from Java 6 to Java 7. I've created a quick - single question, written answer - survey to gather info from people. Here's the intro text from it:

Hi. On the weekend I encountered a code compatibility problem when upgrading my ColdFusion server from Java 6 to Java 7 (details here). I'm interested to hear what issues other people have encountered, and I'll publish them as a "here be dragons" (or "~ bears", or "~ a single slightly annoyed kitten", depending on the number of issues people have had) article on my blog. Thanks for your time, and thanks for helping the community.

If you could help me get together a list of potential gotchas, that'd be cool. Note: I'm only referring to upgrade exercises on supported ColdFusion platforms, those being suitably patchedCF9.x and CF10 installs, as detailed by Adobe on their blog (well linked from there). If you're trying to upgrade a non-supported version of ColdFusion... well good luck with that!

If you could also circulate the word, that'd be excellent to.

Cheers for helping out. Or "sod you then!" if you chose not to ;-)