Monday 3 June 2013

Censorship on Adobe ColdFusion forums etc: follow-up from Adobe

This is a follow-up to my post the other day about Adobe censoring a thread I was involved in on their ColdFusion forums. I've had a response from Madison Murphy from Adobe. Madison has been very helpful thusfar. She's agreed to let me publish her email below:

Hi Adam,

My name is Madison and I am the Community Coordinator here on the Adobe Forums. I have been alerted of your thread and I am very sorry that you have had to deal with this.

We are currently investigating the moderator who edited your comments. As many of your comments were within the bounds of our forum guidelines, we would like to restore them. However, there are limited capabilities within the system we are currently using: we cannot easily find who edited your posts unless they contact us & we cannot restore your posts in the thread here ( )

However, if you could forward me the email notifications you received after posting, I can manually go in and retype your posts. It's a bit of a workaround, but it seems like our best option here.

I sincerely hope that this experience has not tarnished your view of Adobe as a whole and if there is anything that I can do for you, please let me know.

I'll keep you updated.


I'll update further as there's anything to update. Let's see how this all pans out, but I think this is pretty good from Adobe: they (sorry to start referring to you as "Adobe" and "they", Madison ;-) seem to be taking this seriously.

I also hope to have something more interesting to write about soonish... I've not had much spare time recently.