Tuesday 9 April 2013

CFML: Quick survey: do you actually use onApplicationEnd()?

I'm in rapid fire mode today.

When talking about all this onApplicationEnd() stuff recently, Bruce asked a good question: what does one use it for? I mean in real life? Well: I don't.

Do you? If you do, and fancy sharing, pls fill out this survey. It's one question: just a bit of typing.

The survey is closed. The results are here.

NB: as Sean has just pointed out... my wording was slightly vague before, but I'm also keen on you answering even if you don't use onApplicationEnd(). There's a "no" option in there too. It'll be good to see the split of do/don't use it.

I'll report back with what people say when when the frequency of submissions flattens out.