Monday 8 April 2013

Moving House... Mango Blog?

I'm vexed that the comments on this blog are placed via Javascript, so Google doesn't pick them up. Some of the stuff in the comments is really good, and worthy of reread if Google would only index them. The Disqus people maintain Google does pick up stuff brought in via AJAX calls these days, but my brief research into seeing it in action on a Blogspot blog has drawn a blank. And certainly none of my comments have been spotted by Google (they've done a good job of the rest of the blog though!).

So, anyway, I'm thinking of throwing the baby out with the bath water - as it were - and shifting the blog away from Blogspot and onto a CF environment. Partly because I will have more control over the blog software, partly so as to get the content indexed they way I want, and partly so I can use CF to deliver stuff for the blog. Currently any "live" demo code I have used is running on the server at CFMLDeveloper, and I'm AJAXing it in here. This works... and actually it's not a bad technique, all things considered, but it's slightly restrictive. It's also slightly more hassle than it could be, which in turn discourages me from doing it. I'm basically lazy, so my "too hard basket" is very large.

Anyway, when googling "ColdFusion blog", Mango Blog comes first (other than people's actual blogs, I mean), so I D/Led that and installed it locally y/day, and it seems to work OK. There were a coupla glitches, but they thing is because it's CF I can work around 'em.

So, anyway, it seems all right, from my very superficial examination. I'm just wondering who out there has experience with it, and what their thoughts are? Or on the other hand, has anyone had experience with something else they can recommend, or prefer to Mango Blog?

I dunno what the timeframe for all this is, I'm just mulling it over at the moment.

Cheers for any thoughts anyone has on the topic.