Saturday 20 April 2013

More bugs that annoy me: CFHEADER & restSetResponse() (and CFCONTENT, whilst I'm about it)

This came up whilst I was writing the code for the last article. In my Application.cfc, I had this onRequest() interceptor:

public void function onRequest(required string requestedFile){
    if (arguments.requestedFile does not contain "restricted"){
        include arguments.requestedFile;
        writelog(file="requests", text="#arguments.requestedFile# Completed OK");
        writelog(file="requests", text="#arguments.requestedFile# Blocked", type="warning");

Note how I'm raising an exception if the template is a "restricted" one. This sends a "500 Internal Server Error" back to the client. This is incorrect, as the server hasn't had one of those. What I should be returning is a "403 Forbidden", because that best describes the response.

But how am I to do this in a script-based CFC?

I can't use the script equivalent of <cfheader> because there isn't one (bug 3350715). I recalled there is a function restSetResponse(), but that only works in REST responses (and even then, it hardly works in a useful fashion). I have since raised a bug relating to this: 3546046.

Thinking about it further... why is it restSetResponse()? Why is it not just setResponse()? If there's a rationale for this functionality in the response from a REST request, then the same rationale exists for any other sort of request response. This function deals with HTTP, it's nothing specific to REST. I've raised another bug for this too: 3546047 (it's a bug, because it's a stupid inplementation, even if it's by design).

And while I'm about it: there's no script equivalent of <cfcontent> either. And that pisses me off too (bug 3133316). Come on Adobe... you need to get all this stuff over into CFScript quick smart.