Sunday 10 March 2013

Give me your tired, your poor your UDFs

I've just had a "cflib afternoon", in which I remind myself I'm supposedly the moderator / approver on CFLib, which means I actually need to moderate / approve stuff every now and then.

There was just shy of a dozen UDFs waiting in the queue, and I just processed the lot of them (six approvals, four rejections and one that I'm waiting on info for before I can triage it).

So I've got nothing further to do on CFLib at the moment... and here's a further gentle reminder to get your UDFs through to us, and I'll try to get them up on the site. Do your bit for helping out the CF community!

Even if you've got really simple stuff, it could be a time saver for someone else, so chuck it my way, and I'll have a look.

The URL for the submission queue is:

And now I shall watch the rest of England v Italy in the Six Nations. Not much of a game from an English perspective, but I'm notionally supporting Italy (as the underdog) anyhow. They're in with a sniff if England don't get their act together.