Tuesday 4 September 2012

Which version of ColdFusion am I actually running?

Yet another quick one. I was reading a post on the Adobe ColdFusion forums earlier this morning (I'm sitting on the train en route to work right now), which was discussing the recent ColdFusion "10.0.1" updater.

This raised a question mark for me: what's the new build number for 10.0.1? I like to tuck this info away in the back of my mind, because... err... well no good reason really.

So I did a dump of the server scope on my recently-updated CF 10 server:

InstallKitNative Windows
expiration{ts '2012-09-04 07:25:57'}
productnameColdFusion Server
supportedlocales[snipped so the dump doesn't blow the page out]
additionalinformation[empty string]
buildnumber[empty string]
nameWindows Vista

Right. So it's not, apparently, CF 10.0.1. As far as it's concerned, anyhow.

I thought I might be going loopy and hasn't updated (actually I knew I had: I'd done it on the weekend just gone, but I was giving CF the benefit of the doubt).  So I checked CFAdmin, which declared this:

ColdFusion 10 Update 1  Friday, 31st Aug 2012
Update Level: 01
Update Type: General
Install Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2012 23:34:09 +0100
Update Description: 
The ColdFusion 10 Update 1 (10.0.1) includes several important bug fixes for Scheduler,
Connector, General Runtime etc. 
 For a complete list of fixes included in this update, click on "Read More".

Backup Directory: C:\ColdFusion10\cfusion\hf-updates\hf-10-00001
Uninstaller Location: C:\ColdFusion10\cfusion\hf-updates\hf-10-00001\uninstall\uninstaller.jar
Install Log: C:\ColdFusion10\cfusion\hf-updates\hf-10-00001\hotfix_filelist.log

So the updater claims it's 10.0.1, but CF didn't think so.

Also the spiel from the Adobe ColdFusion Team refers to it as 10.0.1, so that was obviously the intent here.

I guess I've perhaps found the first bug (trivial that it is) in... um... whatever this release of CF actually is.  I've raised it as 3323518. The CF bug tracker doesn't list 10.0.1 as a version either.  I've raised that as 3323520.

By the by, I tried to check the Adobe website for what they're referencing it as. I can find no mention of this updater at all. Not on the ColdFusion product page, not on the Adobe news page, not via just doing a Google search of the entire site:

Nothing. Adobe are certainly giving a mixed message about how important ColdFusion is to them. The CF team seems to be all dead keen about it (good!), but "Mother Ship" doesn't seem to give a shit. ColdFusion has got this new marketing manager - Kishore Balakrishnan (I tried to link to Kishore's Twitter presence, but I can't find one?) - there's a job for them I guess: market CF to Adobe itself. If one can't get awareness even within the office, it's gonna diminish how seriously the outside market will take the product. But that is a digression.

If I get clarification as to what's going on (I will chase this and try to get an answer), I will report back.