Saturday 22 September 2012

CF on Windows 8 and Java 7

I am sitting in a pub in Portumna, Co. Galway, in Ireland.  Drinking a... [I can't bear to say this]...a Coke.  This is the first time I have been to Ireland and I won't be allowed to have a Guinness. This is a crime against reality.  ("Doctor's orders" in case yer wondering).  I mention this solely because a problem shared is... supposedly... a problem halved. What a load of ballocks.

Anyway, all that is besides the point.

Just in case you weren't hanging on every word on the #ColdFusion tag on Twitter today, I hit Rakshith up about what the story is with two things.

Firstly, I asked for clarification about when CF10 will be installable on Windows 8.  He responded (very quickly, thanks Rakshith!) with a blog article, over here.  The short version is "3-5 months".  Given Windows 8 is due out... what: any day now?... OK, just over a month away according to Wikipedia, that's a bit later than I expected.  That said, it will not affect me one bit (I'm still on Vista on one machine, and only just on Win7 on the other).

The next question was about CF9 and CF10 being certified on Java 7 (Java 6 will be EOLed in Feb next year), and his response (Twitter-only this time) was "support for #ColdFusion on Java 7 will come out before Java 6 gets EOLed in November."

Note: I only just now found out the EOL on Java 6 has been pushed out to Feb 2013 (apparently this will be news to Rakshith too...)

Well I hope it's closer to Nov than Feb, to be honest.  It's one thing for Adobe to get there just under the wire with ColdFusion, but please bear in mind all of use need lab time for our server upgrade testing too.  So having a coupla months leeway would be rather handy.  If Adobe are targeting Nov, then that's cool.

This is a pretty short post (for me), but I'm typing on a dodgy old netbook in a noisy pub (the only place in Portumna I've found with Wifi), so it doesn't lend itself to in depth research.

Time for another pint.  Of Coke.  Sod it.