Tuesday 16 August 2022

Work with me here - revisited ...again



These roles have been filled.

I've done this twice before:

Once again, we're continuing to build the team, and we're recruiting for two roles this time:

The latter role - Senior Application Developer - is the same as the earlier roles we filled: I'm after a senior CFML dev who has strong CFML skills, and who is interested in moving off CFML and onto Kotlin instead. This time around we're also keen to hear from people who possibly has some exposure to React.js or similar. We have some front-end reimplementation coming up. This is a "nice to have" though, so don't be put off if yer purely a strong back-end CFML dev. I discuss this role at length in that first "Work with me here" article I link to above.

The "Software Development Engineer in Test" is an entirely new role for us. We will have a dev team of five, and it's time we did a better job of our QA. Currently QA is done by a mix of the devs and the end-users, which is less good than it could be; our end-to-end automation is nil. We've been living with this on the legacy system, but it's no place to be when we replatform. The person filling this role will be fundamental in planning and executing how we get from zero test automation in an application not designed with test automation in mind; through to having us confident that when we release work, we know it will be stable. And also leading the similar move on the new platform. It's important to note that this is absolutely not a CFML role. Currently we're thinking of using Cypress for this, but even that decision hasn't been made yet. It'll be a decision largely informed by/lead by the person in this new role.

Details of how to apply are at those links.