Tuesday 3 May 2022

Work with me here - revisited



This role has been filled.

Back in Jan I posted "Work with me here". Once again we are growing our team, and the equivalent job has opened again (this is in addition to the successful hire we made after the January round, not "instead of ~" ;-).

So if you're in the UK, and fancy leveraging your existing strong (strong) CFML skills to get into a position where we'll migrate your capabilities to Kotlin, this could be a good opportunity.

The narrative detail remains the same as in that last article, so go give it a read.

The formal job spec is at https://www.easydirectdebits.co.uk/job/senior-application-developer-uk/, and you can apply from there too.

Or ping me here if you need further info. Any actual applications should use the link above though.