Tuesday 1 November 2016

Ah ballocks

I just noticed the context-highlighting thing I've got wasn't cross-referencing on that last article I just did ("PHP: what exactly are we testing?").

As it turns out it's cos my JS files were hosted on cfmldeveloper, and that service has been discontinued ("cflivedead.net").

Blogspot itself didn't / wouldn't / couldn't host JS files last time I checked: I'll check again tomorrow (I can't be arsed, this evening). If it can't host separate files, I guess I'll just in-line it. Bleah.

So anyway, sorry the cross-referencing is bung at the moment. I'll sort it out soon.


This is kinda fixed. I've inlined the JS needed on every article, but some of the article-specific JS is still not gonna work. Once I come up with a file-based solution, rather than needing to inline it, I'll sort the rest out.