Saturday 2 April 2016

Endorsement: Ciaran McNulty's "Why Your Test Suite Sucks" presentation is really good

I was just gonna put a Twitter message out about this, but anyone with their head screwed on ignores me on Twitter, but might read this nonsense.

Anyway, Ciaran really knows his stuff about TDD, and he gives a good presentation. I fancy myself as reasonably OK with TDD, but this presentation had me go "holy f*** I'm doing that wrong", and "ah, yeah... that's how we work around that challenge we have", and as well ratifies a bunch of stuff I seem to be getting right. Where "right" for the purposes of this is "the way he recommends".

The prezzo is PHP-centric, but really don't let that worry you. The code is easy to follow, and this is more a presentation on technique and approach more than implementation.

I recommend it to anyone who is doing TDD, or who isn't doing TDD and suspects they should. Or isn't doing TDD and doesn't suspect they should (you're wrong, so watch the video!).

Let's see if I can embed this thing...

Thanks Ciaran. I'm gonna be keeping an eye on what you have to say about stuff from now on!