Sunday 12 July 2015

Gone from Google?

Can you do me a quick favour? Google things like "adam cameron blog" and "cfml blog" etc... you know... things I used to rank in on Google? And report back with what you see (or as is the case: not seeing)?

It appears this blog has been blacklisted by Google for some reason. Or - being less conspiracy theorist about it  - suddenly there's been a complete reversal on my "SEO" (which I have to admit is something I don't actively pursue).

I'm in Ireland at the moment, so perhaps it's an issue with their Google, but I did notice I had my worst week for traffic last week for a coupla years.

TBH it's no great shakes from my perspective, but I do think some of the articles here are useful resources for people having CFML issues - and I've even helped a coupla people with PHP bits 'n' pieces - so it's a shame for it all to be unfindable now.

I notice Bing still lists the blog fine. But... who cares?